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Department Of Surgery's Support for the Dean's Message

Last evening the Dean posted on the Faculty website a letter condemning racism. The links are below will be placed on the Department website.

 As Head of the Department of Surgery, I strongly endorse and support the position taken by the Dean. There is no place in society and no place in the practice of Medicine and Surgery for racism and bigotry. 

 We must care for all people equitably and do all in our power to care for their needs without bias or prejudice.

 As faculty, we are held to a higher standard, as our position as a role model and our responsibility to teach proper values is transmitted to, and will be emulated by our students. 

 We must hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions. We must always strive to do better. There is no place in civil society, let alone the provision of health care, for bigotry and racism.

 It is our duty to teach others and our duty to learn and improve ourselves, not only today, not only in the hospital, but in all aspects of our lives.

John Rudan

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